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Upcoming Events

Friday, January 24th - Abud: A Band! @ Friendly Tap (Berwyn, IL) 8pm

Saturday, January 25th - Bhakti Caravan @ Heaven Meets Earth, 2-4pm

Saturday, January 25th -
New Moon Gong Wash @ Heaven Meets Earth, 7-8:30pm

Friday, February 8th - Tarot Healings @ Sat Nam Yoga, 6-10pm

Saturday, February 9th - Tarot Healings @ Cupid's Pop-Up Market & Art Show, Uptown Arcade, 1-6pm.

Friday, February 21st - Gramps The Vamp @ The Spot Tavern (Lafayette, IN)


Saturday, February 22nd - Ochin Pakhi @ UIC Student Center East, 11-4pm


Saturday, February 22nd - Gramps The Vamp @ Laser Shirt Chicago, 9pm

Sunday, February 23rd - New Moon Gong Wash @ Heaven Meets Earth, 7-8:30pm


Mondays - 8-9:15am, @ Heaven Meets Earth

Tuesdays - 5-6:15pm, @ Heaven Meets Earth

Wednesdays - 8-9:15am, @ Heaven Meets Earth

Fridays - 8-9:15am, @ Heaven Meets Earth


Weekly Kundalini Classes