• Stevenson Valentor

Libran Haikus (2020)

Libras are Lovers

and I gotta be careful

Dishonor burns hard.

Libras are lovers,

and I love everyone,

Brothers and sisters.

Libras are lovers,

Totally ruled by Venus

Goddess Damn - Respect

To all the ma's ~ Fem

is the energy coming

Back into power.

Because we really

Need to be listening, and

filling up life force

Reservoirs ~ O Ma,

Great, Cosmic Mother Gaia ~ This is the Earth Ship

This is the Earth Ship ~

Mama ma, I will always

Be Venus-born ~ Here

To fulfill wishes,

Cosmic desires from the

Ancient, Enormous

Star Bodies, & star

Collections ~ Here we begin

To fulfill their dreams.

Fulfilling cosmic

Prophecies, dreams, desires,

Star beings elate...


© 2020