• Stevenson Valentor

Love Rules Haikus (2018)

My soul said to me,

"You're worth a million dollars."

I folded my arms.

They tried again, with,

"You are perfect, as You are."

I turned: about-face.

With no urgency,

"You are love, and You are loved."

I dropped my head down.

Sadness, Depression,

Is all I know: robbing light,

And covering it up.

Heavy, thick sheets, dank

And dark. This is how I've met

Divinity. Sad.

To turn our backs on

The stuff we want, forever

Wishing it were here:

Saying, "You could have

Come by sooner, dont'cha think?

What's up now? You care?

"What are you doing?

Loving this tormented soul?

Nice try. I'm depressed.

"See, the way I work

Is I rob energy, and

I don't return it."

Divinity met

With rejection: what to do?

How long does it last?

...It's divinity.

Invitations are always

Infinite. Welcome.

Welcome home, dear soul.

Always forgiven, never

Forgotten. Love rules.

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