• Stevenson Valentor

That Is A Flower (Haikus) - 6/15/20

I accept that I

Need help: accountabili-

Buddies; Assemble!

I accept that I

Can see for miles with my

Eyes closed: so divine

Am I ~ I am Love

Itself - there is no thing that

Is stopping my growth.

O Source Energy, flow

Through me so you may fulfill

Earth’s prophecy of

Awakening mankind.

There is no turning back ~ There’s

Only rapid, fast-

Forwarding along

Your divine timeline ~ oh, how

Sweet it is to be

Incarnate as me -

What a gloriously-made

Vision by and for

The Universe ~ in

Enjoyment, I stand & breathe.

This reality

Is astounding me.

May all beings forever

Be freed, instantly.

Intox & detox

With the purity of life

Itself - she/him/they.


We is my preferred

Pronoun - describe me as us,

Please, call me us, now.

We’re all together -

I liberate the tortured

Reality from

Humankind, & our

Human minds -- may our human

Heart be the place we

Start and end ~ always

Listening from the place ‘neath

Our sternum ~ relax.

Why so stern, why not

To the right side when we hug?

She’s a medicine,

Not a drug ~ but if

You’ve any doubt, it’s best to

Steer clear, & let breath

Be your guide as you

Reside in your powerful


Let me get this off

My chest -

No matter what, I’m

Always going to

Adore, love, desire,

& speech-lessly, endlessly

Admire the one

With alien face

& lyran eyes - you see

That the fire within

Her heart, mind, eyes, and

Soul is ne’er bound to grow cold -

Darling sister, whole

Being within, by

& for yourself, there is no

Way I can conceive

Of ever not-loving

You. But, I can stand for our

Honor & our paths.

Darling, I know that

There are many, many loves.

It’s been often

That I say, “There’s no

Way I’ll ever love any

Other, single one.

But here & now, I declare

With the power & spell-ing

Of my word -

I am free, I am me. I decide.

I am free, I am

Me - I decide. I am free,

I am me. Perfect

As can be - there’s no

Loss, there’s no wrong,

There’s no harm.

I am free, I’m me.

I am free, I’m me -

I am a liberated

Soul, & I can’t wait

To commune w/ you

In our perfectly divine

& pre-determined way.

O beloved Source,

I allow our meetings to

Last for exactly

As long as they are

Supposed to - I allow for

You to flood my form

Fourteen times over.

O divine Source energy ~

Allow me to be.

Close the chapter, start

Anew - life draws in life &

Death flowers bloom through.

A new ground, flowered

& flowering from Source’s

Eternal Power.

That is a flower.

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